Aki Kondo

Meet the creator of Rilakkuma

Page from Wikipedia. There is little information on the net about Aki Kondo. Here you can find Aki’s blog (in Japanese).
Aki Kondo (Born22 februari, 1977, in Matsuyama, Ehime) is a Japanse illustrator and character designer. Former staff at San-X.  


After graduated from Junior College of Art and Design of Joshibi Universiteit of Art and Design, Kondo was hired in the Design studio of San-X in 1997.

Kondo had created and produced “Amaguri Chan” (September 2002), “Mikan Bouya” (December 2002) and Rilakkuma (September 2003) while she was at San-X. Kondo left San-X in 2003, became a freelance illustrator and designer since then. In 2005, Kondo has released the first Manga Comic “Okutan & Danna chan”.

Kondo married to Tarouichi Aizawa (Illustrator) with two daughters. Kondo is a part-time lecturer at Field of Art and Design for Healing of Joshibi University of Art and Design.


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  • Okutan & Danna chan
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